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Lead Digitalization when Failure is Not an Option

Leading Digitalization When Failure Is Not An Option

CFOs are stepping in to play an important role when it comes to digitalization.  As a strategist you are influencing your company’s digitalization efforts so strategic financial performance initiatives can be realized by the organization. Examples include process efficiency, operational cost reduction and sales growth and margin expansion.

“If there is one benefit coming out of COVID it’s that many companies are jumping starting their digitalization efforts. Given CFOs are expected to provide contemporaneous information they need to be immersed in their company’s digitalization efforts. By so doing they can influence these efforts, so needed information is captured and seamlessly provided as its incurred. In this way when the CEO asks what’s the pulse of the patient the CFO has the answer in hand.”
John Gimpert, Conference Co-Chair & National Content Director, CFO Leadership Council

Lead Digitalization when Failure is Not an Option
The What

Digitalization can maximize and leverage data to help identify strategic growth opportunities for the business. Technology has been reshaping business in many ways and after COVID, new focus on digitalization has emerged. Companies are using less traditional processes and focusing spending on digital transformation.

The Why

But why? Digital transformation is essential for every business as it allows you to get closer to your customers, see how products are performing, and to help stay a step ahead of competitors. In order to find a successful form of digitalization, focus on how the technology solves the problem and not the actual technology itself.

The Roadmap

The CFO Leadership Council has formed an expert panel ready to help you plan your roadmap to success.  Part of our 11th annual conference, A New Hope, June 7-9, 2021. Danielle C. Pierre of Thermo Fisher, Madhu Ranganathan of OpenText, Christine Laurens of Kearney and Rauli Gargia of Sage Intacct, Inc. will take the “stage” on Wed June 9th @ 2:30pmET. Grab your seat & bring your questions.

Lead Digitalization when Failure is Not an Option


Lead Digitalization when Failure is Not an Option

About A New Hope

Our 11th annual CFO Leadership Conference, A New Hope is being held June 7-9, 2021.  A virtual 3-day experience with a theme of breakout energy, forward progress, growth & achievement! This year’s conference is about the initiatives CFOs are taking on as they face off to today’s new reality.  CFOS are moving quickly to position their finance function and company for success. Our conference will bring to you the finance executives who are undertaking these initiatives and executing on them flawlessly with success. They will share their stories in leadership.  Reserve your spot today!

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Lead Digitalization when Failure is Not an Option
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